What Band Will I Be Placed In?

Your housing need is assessed based on your personal circumstances and is banded through the following banding system:

  • Emergency band - urgent housing need
  • Gold band - high housing need
  • Diamond band – Housing Association tenants looking to downsize to a smaller property if affected by the bedroom tax
  • Silver band - medium housing need (including silver plus (additional preference))
  • Bronze band - low housing need

Applicants in any band can apply for a property in any band. The allocation of a property will be based on the priority of the bids received, with Gold Band Home-seekers having the highest priority.  However, only if there are no suitable bids from home-seekers in a given category will bids from another band be considered. Only Housing Association Tenants will be considered for the Diamond Band as this Band is specifically to help tenants having to pay bedroom tax.