Supporting People - Housing Related Support

The Supporting People programme can provide housing related support that can help people maintain and manage their housing in relation to helping them to live independantly.

Housing related support

Housing related support can include activities such as:

  • Assistance to ensure safety and security of the property.
  • Assistance to control access to the property
  • Assistance to arrange for the servicing and repair of appliances.
  • Arranging adaptations to cope with disability
  • Assistance to organise and make arrangements for maintenance and minor repairs to the property.
  • Assistance to use household appliances safely.
  • Assistance to deal with disputes and communicate with others appropriately.
  • Assistance to budget, maximise income and manage financial commitments.
  • Assistance to organise access to professional help e.g. -G.P./ Community Services
  • Assistance with developing and teaching daily living skills.
  • Assistance with cleaning your room and windows