Private Landlord Hub

Welcome to Merthyr Tydfil CBC Private Landlord Hub

The local authority recognise the importance Private Sector Landlords contribute in providing housing within the local community. Merthyr Tydfil CBC wish to strengthen this relationship futher by providing advice, assistance and support to local landlords to ensure that they are able to manage their properties with minimal difficulties.

Private landlords can experience issues with maintenance, tenant troubles, damage and loss of revenues through rent arrears.

Merthyr Tydfil CBC can provide assistance, advice and support in relation to property management, access to grant funding, housing benefit, council tax, tenancy / tenant management and legal changes for private landlords

Additionally, the local authority wish to further consult and ask landlords what you require so we can further strengthen the relationship.

Both the local authority and private landlords face challenges and may soon have to adhere to legal changes set by Welsh Government. The local authority aim to support private landlords through these changes and welcome any landlord contacting ourselves for any advice, assistance or support to any property, tenant or tenancy management.

If any landlord wishes to contact the local authority, we will always be happy to discuss any issues.

Robert Haggett

Telephone: 01685 725475