Attention - Welsh Water Debt Reform


Welsh Water is very keen to work with landlords to increase awareness of the regulations that came into force in January 2015 and their obligations, so as to make it as easy as possible to keep them up-to-date when tenants change. The approach is very much to work with landlords so they shouldn’t find themselves being billed directly.

The aim for Welsh Water is to engage with tenants as soon as they become customers and to provide timely and accurate bills. This will help ensure any customer who meets the criteria for any affordability schemes or tariffs that support customers who genuinely struggle to pay their bills, is aware of these options and given the chance to apply at the earliest opportunity.

In January 2015, new laws were introduced which means all landlords of properties supplied by Welsh Water must let them know details of tenants who are resident at their properties.

If this is not done within 21 days of any change in tenancies, landlords can themselves become liable for the charges for water and sewerage charges from the point of the change.

As a result Landlords must supply the full name of any tenant over 18, together with their date of birth (when possible), the full address and the tenancy start date to Welsh Water within 21 days of any change.

Landlords must also tell their tenants they are legally bound to give Welsh Water this information. If there has been no change since January 2015, the landlord must be confident that Welsh Water already has the correct details – so it’s recommended that landlords pass the details to them, just in case.

Information can be supplied via the Dŵr Cymru website or by email, letter, telephone, or the preferred option of the Landlord TAP website (