Private Rented Housing

There is available housing to be found within the Private Rented sector. This option is a viable and suitable alternative to social housing for many people.

The local authority ‘Housing Solutions’ Team will consider all options of accommodation that are available to you, this includes Private Rented housing.

Private Rented housing also offers:-

  • A faster solution in finding accommodation.
  • Greater choice and flexibility in areas you may wish to be accommodated (or not).

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council can provide advice, assistance and support in finding appropriate accommodation within the Private Rented Sector. This advice provided relates to tenancy arrangements, roles, responsibilities, rights, repairs, landlord issues and legal advice if needed.

Additionally, the local authority can sometimes offer financial support in relation to Tenancy Deposits, Bonds, Rent In Advance or other costs involved in securing accommodation.

For people and families currently renting from private landlords or letting agents advice is available in relation to property disrepair, rent arrears and other landlord issues. Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council are committed to working with tenants and landlords to ensure any issues are resolved.

If you experience any problems with private rented housing, please contact the local authority.

  • Private Rented Housing

    Private Rented Housing

  • Private Landlord Hub

    Private Landlord Hub