When viewing a property, check...

When you view a property be confident enough to ask for a look around and check it is in a good state of repair. This will help you decide whether you rent the property or not?

A number of things to look for are as follows:-

  • Check if there are any signs of damp e.g. wet areas on walls
  • Check there are no areas of black mould which can represent poor ventilation, insulation or heating.
  • Ensure the heating system is working and in good repair, ask the landlord or agent to demonstrate how to turn it on and off.
  • Does the property have a gas or electric fire? Ask the landlord to show you how it works, also ask to see the safety certificate.
  • Check all electrical sockets and light fittings are in good repair. Ensure none are missing or broken.
  • Check that the property has smoke detectors and that they work.
  • Check all windows and doors are able to open and close. Ensure that if relevant all locks are in working order.
  • Check the roof and ensure there are no signs that it is damaged.
  • Ensure that the kitchen has enough storage and that you will be able to prepare and cook food adequately when using it.
  • Is the property clean and is in good repair?